As a specialist Groundwork's company with extensive experience in both domestic and commercial projects. We understand that no two projects are the same and every project must be considered for its individual requirements.



Concrete Laying

We provide a fully inclusive laying service, including tools for the job and labour. Whether it be for a barrow man or tampering, or a large pumped supply just give us a call for a competitive quote




Power Floating

Power floated concrete results in a hard wearing finished surface, suitable for high trafficked areas both foot and fork lift dependent on depth. Power float machines are fitted with circular pans to help smooth the concrete before metal blades are rotated over the surface adjusting the tilt to achieve a hardened surface. Before the concrete can be power floated it has to be left to harden, so a concrete installed in the morning cannot usually be power floated until late afternoon dependent on the mix and outside conditions. Power-floating produces a flat smooth dense finish. Min depths are 75mm bonded, 100mm un-bonded for foot traffic and designed between 150mm - 350mm dependant on loadings for trafficked areas. Drying times for foot traffic are 24 hours, the concrete dries at approximately 1mm per day and should not be force dried. These type of floors can be reinforced with Mesh, plastic or steel fibres, dependant on use and loadings. Power floated floors are hard wearing and require no further finishes, however, resins, polishing and screeds can all be applied to the surface


Grinding floors is nothing new; people have been doing it for thousands of years. Nevertheless, few people know that the trend in grinding machines and diamond tools over the last 20 years means that now you can save time and money by using grinding machines for surface levelling and floor restoration. With our HTC machinery we can strip off various types of old floor coverings and adhesive residue to prepare them for whatever new finish is required. This can also be used to smooth out any unevenness within the current surface finish and with the machinery connected to our industrial dust extractor it keeps the environment as dust free as possible.


Polished concrete is a superior surface with greater durability that with minimal maintenance can last a lifetime, it will stain if spills are not wiped up, but with the correct care this should not be an issue. A clean, finely polished concrete floor is an extremely slip-resistant surface. Not only will your floor look fantastic, but you are creating a safer environment for those that walk and work on it as well.

Diamond Drilling

In concrete, brick, natural stone and tile diamond drilling is recognised as the cleanest method for making penetrations for services. Using both rig mounted and hand held equipment diamond drilling enables a smooth circular cut and is commonly used to create openings for plumbing, electrical and heating or ventilation requirements. Diamond drilling is the precise method of creating holes for anchor bolts. Diamond drill bits start at 10mm and can go as large as 1 metre or more. Drilling depths are virtually unlimited when using barrel extensions. All diamond drilling tubes have a water feed through the driving shaft, to keep the diamonds cool, the cutting area free of grit, and assist in reducing wear. Additionally, the water almost totally eliminates dust, one of the greatest hazards associated with the construction industry. A core diamond drill bit consists of a steel tube with diamond segments brazed or welded on the drilling end, and mounted on a rotating shaft. Core drilling machines can be operated in either vertical or horizontal direction and can be powered by electric, hydraulic or air sources.

Diamond Sawing

Diamond sawing is a quick and efficient method to cut through concrete by a large circular diamond blade mounted on a spindle and powered by diesel, petrol or 3 phase electrical source, depending on site restrictions. Sawing is typically used for cutting large openings and surface repairs where fast cutting speeds are required.


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